Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Amoeba Culture and Caro Emerald Reach an Agreement

Primary and Infinity Challenge issued an apology on the alleged plagiarism. They promised to take down the song. However, it took them days before they finally took it down and not before the song went back to the number 1 spot.

The latest is that it seems Caro Emerald and Amoeba Culture reached an agreement. Amoeba said “It is too early to speak on the matter yet,” said Amoeba Culture. “We will release a statement once everything is confirmed.”

David Schreurs later said that “I had a great chat with Amoeba Culture and there is a lot of mutual respect. I Got C is a killer track and it shouldn’t be banned as it has enough unique elements to stand on its own.”

Image Credit: http://www.sanderbaks.com/guy-caro-emerald/ / David Schreurs, the guy behind Caro Emerald

What do you think? Revenue share?

However, I wonder if I will ever trust Primary. LOL

Friday, November 8, 2013

Did Primary Plagiarize?

Before we get any further, let us get one thing out of the way.

Plagiarizing is one of the hardest things to prove. Change one detail in a creative work and it will already be declared "different". The reason is simple, proving that you own an idea or concept is difficult. For example, when Antz and A Bug's Life went to court, the judge simply stated that A Bug's Life team cannot claim that no one else has seen an ant before and thought of making a movie out of them.

That being said, the producers and management team of Caro Emerald's lawsuit (as it seems that's where they are headed) will most likely not prosper.

However, everyone knows that the truth and legal decisions aren't always consistent. There have been millions of people convicted of crimes they didn't commit and even more people who are free despite committing crimes.


Primary participated in Infinity Challenge, arguably the most successful Korean variety show. He was to make a song with one of the IC members. He chose Park Myung Soo. Their song was released as a single as in all the other songs. The title of his song is "I Got C".

It achieved a rare perfect all kill (number 1 in all major music charts) which got netizens' attention. One pointed out the uncanny similarity to a song by Caro Emerald. It caught on until it became a big issue. Amoeba (where Primary is signed) and Primary kept quiet until several days ago when they said:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where Did You Sleep - San E feat. Verbal Jint and Swings

San E debuted on #3 on the Melon Chart. Pretty good considering he competed against Infinity Challenge singles.

Quick Review:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LeeSsang's First Showcase Stop: Thailand

LeeSsang is going on their first Asian showcase and Thailand, allegedly, is their first stop.

Concert is organized by LeeSsang Company in cooperation with CJEM, one of the biggest events group in Asia.

Saturday, November 2, 2013