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10 Greatest Kang Gary Running Man Episodes

In the early days of Running Man, Kang Gary earned a reputation for being laid back. When all the members are gearing up for the best fight of their lives, he stays behind and let the members battle it out. It is not true that Gary is competitive. It is just that he was trained to channel his competitiveness to the proper aspect of his life. He is an 8th dan in Tae Kwon Do. Someone at that level imbibes the deepest principles of the art which includes humility.

There are, however, still some episodes where his competitive side comes out. It's more a splurge and he quickly regains control and goes back to his laid back side. But it is also those moments when we catch a glimpse of the other side of Gary. It gives us an idea that there is more to this guy than what we see on Running Man.

Below are 10 of the best episodes he has had. Some of these episodes show his competitive side but most it show just how human and funny he really is.

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10. Episode 83

It is always a pleasure to watch Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Gary in one team. The two have developed a different kind of friendship through the years. Gary has been vocal about how much Yoo Jae Suk has inspired him and how much Gary respects him. That mutual respect shows when they are in one team. It is very evident here.

Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo ended up in one team. The goal is to protect the genuine package and prevent the other teams from stealing it or taking it when their name tags are torn.
Best Moments: - flipping Ji Suk Jin when they were battling on the ground - getting frustrated for being unable to lie - final battle alongside Yoo Jae Suk against Oh Ji Ho

9. Zombie Episode

Gary is a bad liar. He has improved in Running Man but still bad. That's why he finds it hard to become a spy. He can't lie and he trusts people too easily. The zombie episode showed a different side of him. The whole cast didn't have a clue that one of them was a zombie and none of them realized it until Gary tore off Song Ji Hyo's name tag.

Gary managed to trick her into going with him to check out a room. When she turned her back to him, he grabbed her nametag and made her his minion. Throughout the episode, he managed to act innocent making people relax around him wich makes it easier for him and his minion to recruit members.

It is also the first time a horror episode was successfuly executed on TV. Infinity Challenge did a similar concept months after this and failed big time.

Best Moments

  • dance number with his brother from another mother, Haha 
  • acting all innocent when he was trying to rip off Kim Jong Kook's nametag 
  • setting up Song Ji Hyo to turn her into his minion

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8. LeeSsang Episode

To be honest, I am not fully satisfied with this episode. I have waited 3 years for Gil to come on the show but then again, I acknowledge the fact that it may jsut be my expectation because the episode does have all the guidelines for a great episode.

A. Comedy - With Gil being comfortable with most of the Running Man members, it was easy for him to create funny moments with everyone and it was easy for the cast to "play along" with him.

B. Clear and Simple Concept - the objective was pretty straightforward, rescue Gary from among the guests that are appearing that day. Since everyone had some connection with Gary, anyone could have been the suspect.

C. Fast Action - the missions were carried out seamlessly and each mission featured enough funny moments that there were a lot to show on the show.

D. Well-planned Scheme - now we know why Kang Gary and Gil lasted this long. They complement each other. One's idea is supplemented and supported by the other. No one guessed what they were up to till the end, when they were all just waiting for Kang Gary to show up.

Who would have thought KG and Gil had it in them to outsmart the whole cast?

Best Moments

  • Planning the whole scheme 
  • Acting surprised when Yoo Jae Suk told him they went to speak with Pink, the girl group 
  • Final scene with Gil

7. Superpower Baseball Episode

I guess being around professional atheletes can bring out the athlete in him.

This is the first time we saw Gary's Ddakji skill. He went for an all kill and succeeded, toppling every one in the opposing team. It was also the first time we saw a very competitive Gary in the field when he rushed and jumped towards the base to save his team.

Best Moments

  • Ddakji game 
  • Gary's affection towards Ryu Hyun Jin 
  • Gary in the fat suit, playing around with Yoo Jae Suk

6. Snake Race

If there is any episode where we totally see Kang Gay enjoying to the core, it would be the snake race.
It helps that one of the guest is one of his favorite donsaeng, Simon D. Simon D served as the bridge between Gary and Yong Hwa since Simon D and Yong Hwa are childhood friends. Kang Gary let everything hang, from goofing around to the nametag tearing.

Best Moments
  • the real face of hip hop, his "tribute" to Dynamic Duo and the Busan F4 totally going along with him
  • chaotic nametag tearing
  • Gary playing manager of the Busan F4
  • Gary insisting they are F5

5. SNSD Couple Race

Gary is very shy when around pretty women, particularly, women that he likes. That's why it was a pleasure to see Jessica Jung of SNSD being able to bring out the goofy and funny side of Kang Gary. She was able to make him feel comfortable and that friendship actually continued post Running Man guesting when Jessica was seen watching LeeSsang shows several times

Best Moments

  • Gary scolding Jessica who wouldn't shut up during the bike ride mission 
  • Gary teaching Jessica "Stress!" 
  • Gary and Jessica fighting in the car, while shopping, during the karaoke mission and in just about every place they go to and thing they do 
  • Gary and Jessica karaoke challenge

4. Asia Race

Many were disappointed when Ji Hyo ousted Gary in the team. I wasn't because I always like seeing Haha and Gary in one team. In this episode, Haha made the right decision when he kept Gary in the team because Gary won it for them.

The best part is that no one expected it. Gary, Haha and Han Hye Jin didn't get a lot of screentime in the beginning of the episode. Apparently, it was because they were totally badass in the last part.

Best Moments

  • Gary vs Yoo Jae Suk and Song Ji Hyo 
  • Gary's relentless tearing of nametag 
  • Gary finding the 'advantage' 
  • Gary teasing Kim Jong Kook

3. 2012 Christmas Episode

Gary has been dubbed the man of Christmas. In fact, the 2013 Christmas episode was dubbed as Gary's title defense bout. In the first year, of Running Man, Gary also won the Christmas episode which was the Best of the Best challenge. In the 2012 Christmas Episode, he didn't win solo but he, again, won it for the team.

With all of his teammates gone, Gary had to fight 4 people, all whom had snowballs while he was down with one. He used nothing but tactical strategy to win and aggrestiveness, which is rare for him.

Best Moments

  • Kwang Soo vs Gary in the snow sled game 
  • Gary joining the "fight" in the beginning vs Jeong Hyeong‑don 
  • Gary's 1 vs 4 finale 
  • Gary screaming "Gary Chrismtas" in the end

2. Best of the Best 2

This is the game that won him the European trip and also the most memorable game of Running Man of all time. To date, the whole cast still refers to their superpowers, and it's been 3 years since.

More importantly, this is the landmark episode of Running Man, that one episode that will be remembered through all eternity. It is a first in Korean TV and the first one that's has been executed successfuly in the world.

Best Moments

  • Gary getting exhausted in the beginning 
  • Gary vs Yoo Jae Suk in the end 
  • All of Gary's moments with his LOLOL 
  • Gary realizing he was really going to be given a European trip

1. Best of the Best 1

The question now is why is this number 1? The prize in the Best of the Best 2 was certainly more substantial. Best of the Best 2 was also the most memorable Running Man Game. By all accounts, it should have been number 1.

However, the list is Kang Gary's Best episodes and this is the one where he displayed just how good he is when working alone. When he is forced to concentrate and rely on no one but himself, he wins it when he wants it. It started right at the beginning. He was the only one who thought of calling their manager to ask for the number of another celebrity. These managers move in the same circle and he knew that although his manager might not have the number of the celebrity he needs to find, his manager will most likely know when to ask.

Then, he allied with Haha. He trusted a betrayer because he knew in his gut, Haha won't betray him until it's just down to the two of them. It paid off, Haha remained faithful to the alliance till he was ousted.

And then there was the final game, the full fight was not shown, we just understood that Gary waited for the 12 midnight to pass before going after Ji Hyo's nametag.

Best Moments

  • Revealing the prize he wanted 
  • Alliance with Haha 
  • Sneaking up on Kim Jong Kook

What do you think? Did we leave out anything? What is Kang Gary's best Running Man episodes in your opinion?

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  1. The best Random Kang GARY moment is Best of the Best and the MOnday Couple chooses each other rather than gold..and Leesang duo..haha awesome Gary..