Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gil Tries To Recruit Yoo Jae Suk to LeeSsang Company

It was a joke but PROBABLY half meant.

In the recent episode of Infinite Challenge, the cast brought up the efforts of different management companies to recruit Yoo Jae Suk which includes SM. Jung Jun Ha asked Jaesuk if he distributes his resume to these companies.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

E-Sens at FREAKALIVE Event (Yes, Simon D Came To Support Him)

For the nth time, E-Sens and Simon D are still the best of friends.

At the Freakalive Event, where E-Sens performed, Simon D came to support him. Other old friends came too including Kang Gary.

ESens' is Back With a New Album/Single

We have no idea if it is a mini album, a full album, a single or a freakin' recorded trippin' of a whole night of ESens free flowing. What matters is that he is dropping something... and it sounds promising.

Here is the official website.

Here are some of his friends RTing his teaser

Sunday, March 16, 2014

10 Great Things About Gil

1. He is willing to be the bad guy

When something needs to be done, he doesn't mind being the bad guy just to make sure the goal is achieved by the group. In LeeSsang Company, he is known to take most of the "dirty job" just to make sure they accomplish their goal. In The Movement, Gil is the informal "organizer" of events and projects. He takes an iron fist just to make sure things get done.

Click here to read about the Things We Should Learn from LeeSsang about Friendship, Music and Partnership

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: LeeSsang, Dynamic Duo, Drunken Tiger, Eun Ji Won

Rare footage of a rare performance of LeeSsang, Dynamic Duo, Drunken Tiger, Eun Ji Won.

Pray that your monitor won't explode in awesomeness...



Last Scene Produced By Philtre feat. Choiza (Dynamic Duo) and Lil Kim English Translation

Everything feels like a lie
Now I can’t believe anything anymore

Lies in those trembling eyes
Those dreadful lies that you made up like a beggar
You changed the story
Acting as if you’re in pain 
I felt it

10 Things We Need to Learn from LeeSsang as a Band, Friends and Partners

The hardest part about remaining friends with people you know since you were young is to try and grow up together. Often, when we explore and try to experience new things and pursue different interests, we tend to outgrow our friends. It happens to the best of relationships. The Beatles who confessed to being the best of friends and tight as tight could be found themselves not wanting the same things.

Marriages that last more than a decade still end up in divorce because they find themselves needing the relationship less. That is why it is amazing to see friendships and partnerships that stand the test of time. LeeSsang is one of the few that has remained a band, best of friends and business partners.

Below are 10 lessons we should learn from Gary's and Gil's relationship.

1. By their own admittance, Gil knows Gary more than Gary knows Himself and Gary knows Gil more than Gil knows Himself

Gil was the one who recommended Gary to Yoo Jae Suk for Running Man because Gil knew Gary would be a better variety star than he will ever be. Gary actually declined but Gil helped convince Gary to give it a try because he just KNEW Gary would shine. Gil knew even before Gary did.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kang Gary's Mizuno TV CF

Rap and music written and produced by Kang Gary

Choiza & Kim Ye Rim Colloboration Teaser: Last Scene

Dynamic Duo's Choiza and Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) just released a teaser for their first ever colloboration, a song titled Last Scene and produced by Philtre.

Kim Ye Rim's eerie vocals sets the mood for the song. It seems a story about the tragic ending of a beautiful but doomed love.

Can't wait for the full song.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Simon D Joins AOMG

This just in...

Notice that Jay Park said they will run AOMG together. He didn't just say Simon D is joining AOMG but announced that they will co-manage the group that Jay Park built.

It is unclear exactly what Simon D's role will be at this point. However, there are some things to gain on both end.

For Simon D, he is going to get some mainstream power from Jay Park. Jay Park has since established himself as a solo artist. He also managed to be very clear that he is the only one who calls the shots when it comes to his career. That sets him apart from other idols. However, his idol roots give him the undeniable mainstream following and Simon D will benefit from that.

This also means that Simon D will have more liberty in making decisions in his own career while still having the backing of an established company.

On the other hand, Jay Park is going to gain some legitimacy in the hip hop scene with Simon D. Prior to Simon D's penetration to the mainstream market, he has a strong hold in the underground hip hop scene. In fact, in the early days of Supreme Team, they were still recognized as a non-mainstream group. Jay Park will have a better chance of establishing himself as an artist rather than just an idol.

Jay Park will also benefit from Simon D's contacts with more respected hiphop artists. That will elevate the quality of the music he produces for himself and for other artists.

We'll be watching.