Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Things We Need to Learn from LeeSsang as a Band, Friends and Partners

The hardest part about remaining friends with people you know since you were young is to try and grow up together. Often, when we explore and try to experience new things and pursue different interests, we tend to outgrow our friends. It happens to the best of relationships. The Beatles who confessed to being the best of friends and tight as tight could be found themselves not wanting the same things.

Marriages that last more than a decade still end up in divorce because they find themselves needing the relationship less. That is why it is amazing to see friendships and partnerships that stand the test of time. LeeSsang is one of the few that has remained a band, best of friends and business partners.

Below are 10 lessons we should learn from Gary's and Gil's relationship.

1. By their own admittance, Gil knows Gary more than Gary knows Himself and Gary knows Gil more than Gil knows Himself

Gil was the one who recommended Gary to Yoo Jae Suk for Running Man because Gil knew Gary would be a better variety star than he will ever be. Gary actually declined but Gil helped convince Gary to give it a try because he just KNEW Gary would shine. Gil knew even before Gary did.

Gary also said in one interview that people think they are not close because they always fight and are rarely seen hanging out. Gary clarified that they fight because the other knows what the other will think or do even before the person does or says it. It's frustrating for them to have someone know them more than they know themselves.

2. They joke about the other's personal life but they NEVER talk about it when it is real

Gil was in a relationship with an idol for almost two years, Gary didn't say a word. Gary goes out with different women and he doesn't deny it. Gil does not say a word about it. Gil is often asked about Gary's personal life, he doesn't say a word.

They RESPECT and PROTECT each other.

3. They "grew up together" that even their dreams are compatible

If there is anything that's working for them both is that even their dreams are compatible. Even couples who are so in love find themselves growing apart. Gary and Gil have been together 16 years (and counting), that's actually more than the time they didn't know each other. They met each other when they were teens. Even couples who are so in love or friends who are so close find each other growing apart (The Beatles, Eagles) but Gary and Gil managed to thread the same path.

They dream of the same things and pursue the same future. They both decided to put everything they have in their first album. When it was time to pursue a different path, they agreed to move to a new management and label. They eventually dream of having their own label, of owning different businesses, of pursuing growth both as individuals and as Leessang. They have always been compatible even in their difference.

4. If they want to be sweet towards each other, they do it either in a manly or kiddie way

Many think Gary and Gil are not sweet towards each other. They are not sweet in that corny way. They have a unique way of showing affection towards each other. Apart from taking pictures like the one below...

Gil and Gary have a penchant for taking care of the people the other loves. Gil has talked about how his family loves Gary and Gary loves his family.

Gary has also mentioned that his mother treats Gil like her own son. In some interviews, they often talk about how the people they hang out with went on to do their own thing (while remaining friends with them) but it is each other that have stuck it out with each other.

Sometimes, Gary randomly posts photos of Gil like the one below.

5. One is strong in the other's weakness

It is a known fact that if you want to form a strong partnership with anyone, you need to complement each other. That's what Gary and Gil do well and naturally. They complement each other. It starts with their music. Gary is a lyricist and Gil is a multi-instrumentalist. Gary has a soft easy tone, Gil is husky and rough. Gary is the one who comes up with bold ideas and Gil is the one who follows through.

Gil is vocal in conflicts, Gary holds back but Gil is more careful in his words while Gary can be spontaneous. Gary is strategic and Gil is tactical. They both dream big but Gil is the one who thinks of milestones while Gary is the "now" kind of guy.

6. They genuinely like each other

Gary puts it best, "Yes, we hate each other so much that we decided to stay partners for 16 years."

7. They trust each other and what they have more than anything in their life

Gil famously said that Gary completes him. Gary is his other half, his better half. If it wasn't for Gary, his music will have no sound. In his most recent interview, Gary did say that he is secured of LeeSsang. He said that his working relationship with Gil is near perfect. That is his "home".

Having a "home" is what gives him the courage to go and try out new things. Somehow, falling doesn't seem so scary when you know someone will be there to catch you.

8. One lets the other shine

Gil was the first one to venture into variety. In fact, he had several shows outside of Infinity Challenge. In those years when Gil was the one getting TV time, Gary stood aside. It was evident that in their interviews, Gary didn't say much. He let Gil talk. He still does, most of the time, let Gil talk more, a whole lot more but at least he says a bit more now.

They also make it a point to "bounce" the compliments to the other. Gil outed Gary as a pal dan (8th degree in TaeKwonDo) but Gary was quick to retort that in actual fights, Gil does all the fighting.

9. They are protective of each other

Gil does not say a lot on Twitter. When he does tweet, it is often to troll his friends or say something funny. When Gary's music was banned, he got serious and blasted on how immature some media companies are. In their shows, Gary often defend Gil against bashers who drill on Gil's character on IC.

10. The foundation of their friendship is their dorkiness

They were dorks to begin with, deciding to be friends when they both realized they are cheap drunks. They are still dorks. In concerts, they are each other's trolling targets. Gil always egg Gary to do something silly and Gary obliges but only after Gil goes first.


  1. Gil was in a relationship with an idol ?? really ?? how you know that

    1. They actually admitted it... go on Google and search "Gil breaks up with Park Jung-ah". she's from a former Idol group Jewelry

    2. oh, i see..thx you sm . I love LeesSang but I rarely care about Gil info and I feel very sorry about that.. :( ..

    3. They were "The Beauty and The Beast Couple" ...

      If you watch Infinity Challenge, Park Jung-ah had been appeared/mentioned few times (one of it when Yoo Jae Suk called Jewelry on Rice Farming episode (IC Ep177) because he wants to tease Gil). Even Lee Hyori and Gil confessed that Gil want to married with Park Jung-ah in future (too bad, they dont T.T )(IC Ep174)
      They also appeared together in Come To Play real celebrity couples special.. ( )
      and... their first kiss was at Kim JaeDong's House :P (IC Ep184)

      *Sorry for too much info..kinda extra excited right now :P *

    4. We are all happy for that chapter in Gil's life. He was happy. Here is to hoping he finds someone that will take care of him and support his passion in music and business

  2. I just love this post so, so, sooo much. ;_; <3

    1. we're glad you like it. if you have requests, send it over.

  3. Oh amazing post <3 Thank you very much <3