Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gil Apologizes and Halts Variety Show Activities

You already know the details by now.

Gil was arrested for drinking and driving. He lost his license.

LEESSANG Company and Infinity Challenge both issued a statement of apology stating that Gil is"self reflecting" and they will do their best to avoid this thing from happening again. It is unclear whether he is leaving IC or not. Some say he is just taking a break and some say he resigned and IC accepted.

Infinity Challenge website has been raining with criticisms and call for Gil to quit the show. Many international fans find it ridiculous. Most of us are from the US so drinking and driving is taken just seriously, unlike other countries who seem to think that drinking and driving is a passage to manhood or something. However, South Korea is not the US. Their culture is different and they do have some values that make them uniquely Koreans.

One of that is their conservative outlook.. when it is convenient

Their modern liberalism is rather young. It was only in the 70s did they finally embrace liberalism and Westernism. It wasn't until the 80s did people born under the "free society" actually reached their teens. You can imagine the constant battle between older people who feel that although they are now free to express themselves, doesn't mean they should express themselves ALL THE TIME.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mad Clown Effin' Sounds Great Live

I just have to say... this freakin' guy sounds great live... 90% of idols rappers can't even sound good on a recording, let alone on sing live.

Below is his live performance and samples of his other singles during his underground days.

List in Order-

Lastarr 번개송
Mad Clown - Flowdown (feat. 화나, 탁 of 배치기)
Mad Clown - Strike the gold (feat. The Quiett)
The Quiett - 선택받은 자 remix (feat. Swings, Mad Clown)
B free - People's Radio (feat Mad Clown, Jerry K, The Quiett)
Loptimist - 비켜 (feat. Mad Clown)
E.via - 소녀의 순정 (feat. Mad Clown)
Minos in Nuol - 0h My God remix (feat. Mad Clown, Crucial Star, Yoosoo)
Loptimist - 이빨 (feat. Mad Clown)
소리헤다 - 별이 빛나는 밤에 (feat. Mad Clown, 강선아 Of Downstream)
소리헤다 - Let it go (feat. Mad Clown, Crucial Star)
Soul Company - The Amazing (Flip) (feat.Makesense,디씨(D.C.),매드 크라운(Mad Clown)
Soul Company - Mad clown - Mad clown
Soul Company - Tuff Enuff (Makesense, D.C., 화나, Mad Clown, The Quiett)
화나 - 그날이 오면 (feat. Mad Clown, Jerry.k, Planet Black)
Loquence - 늙은 창녀의 노래 (feat. Mad Clown)
Crucial Star v.s Mad Clown - 이별은 (feat. D.C)
Crucial Star v.s Mad Clown - 죽 먹었어
Mad Clown - Luv Sickness (feat. Junggigo)
COMMA - F.U.C.K. [Interlude] (feat. Mad Clown)

Gary with Simon D n DJ Pumkin at Simon D birthday Party

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm Good - ESens English Lyrics

Mornings were once longer than these lingering nights
I try to avoid the rush hour after a day of work
I have equal amounts of doubt and faith, like a cocktail drink
I live my life a little crazy 
Nothing new with that
All I want right now is to live with every moment with truth
That's all I will ever need
Success is like a mean hot girl
Don't be too wrapped up in it, understood?

Mad Clown - Without You (Feat. Hyolyn) English Lyrics

Mad Clown released the music video for his second single under his new label Starship X. This marks his second collaboration with an idol.

He is releasing his second mini album tomorrow titled Ferocity.

Watch Mad Clown and Hyolyn perform the song live here.

Without You - Mad Clown feat. Hyolyn English Lyrics

No one in apartment 402
My body feels hallow like a tunnel
Night pushes out the daylilght
I don't think it rained today but hey,
My eyes are wet

Throwback Thursday: Gil and Gary Old Photos


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ESens Drops First Single Since The Diss Battle, "I'm Good"

I'm going to put this out there - Esens is one the best raw hip hop talents out there. When I say raw, I don't mean "he is still developing". I mean unadulterated, unrestricted and pure in the hip hop sense of the world.

Click here to listen to ESens' mixtapes.

He has that street poetry in his lyrics. His metaphors and similes are may be sublime to the mainstream market but to those who know the gritty nature and origin of hiphop and appreciates everything in it, Esens' words are poetically sharp.

Click here for the english lyrics of 'I'm Good'.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mad Clown Teaser for Without You (feat. SISTAR’s Hyolyn)

The single will be released April 4.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We have been receiving a number of questions from some of you. Instead of answering one by one, we are posting it here since there are A LOT of duplicate questions.

QUESTION: Is the Monday Couple real? Are Gary and Ji Hyo really a couple of have feelings for each other? Is Gary really in love with Ji Hyo?

ANSWER: We support LeeSsang's music, not their personal lives. It is our policy not to comment on their personal lives BEYOND WHAT THEY PUBLICLY DECLARE. Gary's relationship or who he is dating is his personal business.

QUESTION: Was Gary's Tweet pertaining to the April Fool's prank that photoshopped his tweet to make it appear as if he said "I LOVE YOU SONG JI HYO"?

ANSWER: The tweet in questions is below. The translation is: I don't pull pranks on April Fool's Day at the expense of other people. I want to curse but it's too early in the morning so I'll hold back." It SEEMS he was pertaining to the photoshopped image but he never cleared it out so we'll never know for sure.

QUESTION: Who is Gary's ex-girlfriend of 7 years.