Friday, May 20, 2016

Crash Course on Hip Hop History

Hiphop is a culture. In that culture are three elements:
  •           Rap
  •           Dance
  •           Graffiti

To understand how HipHop became what it is today, let’s go back to where it started. This is, by no means, a comprehensive piece but will serve as a good guide to those who want a crash course.

DJ Kool Herc (real name Clive Campbell) is largely recognized as the father of HipHop. He was born and raised in Jamaica. By the 70s, he made a living as a DJ in New York. However, HipHop’s foundation was laid five decades prior.

The Foundation

Mid 20s - A street dancer named Earl Tucker (aka Snake Hips) developed dance moves that is now used as the basic foundation of HipHop dance, floats and slides. It was picked up by many other dancers and continuously evolved. 

By the 50s, Soundclash launched a contest among DJs and the two finalists were Coxsone Dodd’s “Downbeat” and Duke Reid’s “Trojan”. This is when the concept of ‘battles’ began.

Note: During this time, African Americans were still considered nothing more than slaves. They had no rights and no protection. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Gil, yo!

We will be posting more of the Gil in Show Me the Money 5. 

To those asking... yes, we are pumped that he is partnered with Mad Clown. We have written about Mad Clown several times, a testament of how much we admire him. 

LeeSsang Theater 3 Photos

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We are BACK!

Sorry for the long absence. 

We cannot tell you why we were unable to update this site but we are not allowed. Let's just say, it wasn't our choice. 

That doesn't matter now. 

We are back for more LeeSsang and Korean Hip Hop Up. Give us a moment to catch our breath. We'll start flooding you soon. 

Things to watch out for:

  • LeeSsang, Kang Gary and Gil song english translations
  • Kang Gary's and Gil's album reviews
  • New quotes
  • some updates on other Korean Hip Hop artists 
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