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LeeSsang Brief History

Gary and Gil met when both joined X-Teen, a hip hop group. When both of them left, apparently because they couldn't contribute in the looks or talent department, they joined Honey Family. Gil was then known as Kill.

Gary and Gil in X-Teen

Honey Family is an 8-strong hiphop group that quickly made a name for itself because of the diverse rapping style that the members had. The rest of the members were were Digitty, Park Myung Hou, Jura, Young Poon, and Su-Jung. Gary said that the success of Honey Family went to his head which broke the group apart.

Gary and Gil collaborated with Diggitty and went to form Leessam Trio. When Diggitty left, Gary and Gil became LeeSsang. With no major label interested in signing them, Gil borrowed 2 billion won to finance their first album. They spent almost 500 hours straight in the studio, producing 30 songs, later cutting it down to 16.

With not a lot of funds, they decided to produce their own album even though neither hand formal musical training. They released their album, LeeSsang of Honey Family in June 27, 200. Their first single was titled Rush. This marks the first time they worked with Jungin who will later on become an unofficial third member of LeeSsang.

The first album was relatively successful which paved the way for their second album Re-development which was released May of 2003, less than a year to the first album. Their single, LeeSsang Blues, was a love song Gary penned for his then girlfriend.

After two critically acclaimed albums, they were still underground and unknown. They received some amount of commercial success with their third album, Library of Soul, released October 14, 2005. They sold 30,000 copies in the first day of release. They released their fourth studio album,  Black Sun, May of 2007. The carrier single, Ballerino, went for an all kill and 13 of the 16 songs entered the charts.

After two years, they released their fifth album, Baek jeolhyeon. The title track, Champion, was inspired by the boxer, Yo-Sam Choi, who died right after a fight. Both Gary and Gil were amateur boxers and were close to Choi.

After their fifth album, LeeSsang moved to Jungle Entertainment, founded by Tiger JK. They released their sixth album, Hexagonal. The carrier single, The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave, stayed at number 1 for 3 weeks in various music charts, making it one of the most successful singles of all time.

August of 2011, they released their 7th studio album, Asura Balbalta. Within hours of release, the album went for a perfect all kill, with all the songs in the album occupying the top positions in all the charts. The carrier single, You're The Answer to a Guy Like me, didn't move from the number one position for more than 3 weeks.

One of the songs in the album, Turn Off the TV, was about a guy who wanted to have sex with his girlfriend. It was banned on all TV and Radio stations.

For their eight album, LeeSsang went Unplugged. It was released May of 2012. They used a full band in their recording and used an analogue process, a fulfillment of a long time dream. They also collaborated with many artists they respected.

They also wrote Pursuit of Happiness, a slow song that talks about the journey of LeeSsang from nothingness to greatness. They music video of the song is a sneak peak of some of the moments that take place during the recording of their songs. It's a special song they created to thank their fans.

In 2012, LeeSsang announced that they are forming LeeSsang Company. Although they were to remain with Jungle Entertainment, they will be taking control over all their live shows via LeeSsang Company. Their primary trust is to produce quality live shows for different artists.

In Gary's first mini solo album, Mr. Gae, LeeSsang Company is already credited as the label. They have also since signed Jung In, making her the first artists of LeeSsang Company. Gil recently stated that LeeSsang will release their 9th album after Kang Gary releases his first solo mini album.

LeeSsang Discography

Title: Leessang Of Honey Family
Release Date: June 27, 2002
Label: Sony Music Korea
16 Tracks

Title: 再,啓發 (재, 계발)[Re-development]
Release Date: May 22, 2003
Label: YBM Seoul Records14 Tracks in Total [show]

Title: Library of SoulRelease Date: October 13, 2005
Label: J-Entercom
13 Tracks

Title: Black Sun
Release Date: May 15, 2007
Label: J-Entercom  
13 Tracks

Title: 伯牙絶絃 (백아절현) [Baek jeolhyeon]
Release Date: January 8, 2009
Label: J-Entercom
12 Tracks 

Title: HexagonalRelease Date: October 6, 2009
Label: Jungle Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment   
16 Tracks

Title: Asura BalbaltaRelease Date: August 25, 2011
Label: Jungle Entertainment, LOEN Entertainmen   
13 Tracks in Total

Title: UnpluggedRelease Date: May 25, 2012
Label: Jungle Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment
13 Tracks

LeeSsang Company and Other Activities

Gary and Gil own two restaurants.

They eventually ventured into another business. They created Leessang Company in 2012. It was originally intended to produce quality live shows for artists. Their first venture was LeeSsang's first major solo concert, LeeSsang Theater. The run was extremely successful.

They followed it up with tour with the band YB.

They were to produce Super7, a special concert featuring the different members of Infinity Challenge. However, netizens complained that the prices of the tickets were too high and that there was no reason for the members to charge for the concert when they have been staging concerts for free. Leessang decided to pull the prices down and explained that it was a venture outside of the Infinity Challenge. All Infinity Challenge members studied different instruments specifically for the show.

However, Leessang Company and Infinity Challenge members decided to shelve the show. Gary and Gil announced that they were quitting their shows. After netizens showered the two with support and producers and other cast members spoke with Gary and Gil, both decided to stay in their respective TV shows.

In the same year, it was revealed that they bought a building. Jungle Entertainment made it clear that it was a venture outside of their contract with Jungle. Gary and Gil didn't comment on the news but other details revealed that they were to renovate the building.

LeeSsang's building before it was renovated

In 2012, a tenant they inherited from the old owner filed a complaint and released a media statement against Leessang Company claiming that he was being unfairly evicted.

15 July 2012,  Gary co-wrote Psy's Seven Seven 101 and Gil sang the chorus. The song were eventually banned from all major stations because of its explicit lyrics. Psy said that it was Gary who first wrote the lyrics containing explicit. He and Kim Jin Pyo got inspired and followed suit. He jokingly blames Gary.

At the end of 2013, Leessang Company produced LeeSsang showcase. LeeSsang met and did a short show for their fans in different parts in Asia including HongKong, Malaysia and others. Their show in Thailand was cancelled due to the political conflict.

Leessang Company announced that they signed Jung In to their new company, makiing Jung In their first talent outside of LeeSsang.

Kang Gary

Birthdate: February 24, 1978
Height: 173cm

Kang Gary is one of the most sought after lyricist and producer in Korea. He penned and co-produced all LeeSsang songs and created the music in some. He also often do collaborations with other artists.

3 June 2003 = released sampled featured tracks from Diggity's solo debut, such as "Saturday Afternoon" and "Area of Battle"

13 January 2005 = featured on BMK's song, "Rainbow."

26 October 2005 = collaborated with Dynamic Duo for "It's Alright" which entered the Top 10 on all Korean charts

June 2006 =  wrote the lyrics for Jang Hye-jin's Fireworks 

2010 July = Gary joined a new variety show, Running Man

12 April 2010 = wrote and featured in Lee Hyori's Swing. It went for an all kill even though it was not released as a single

September 2010 = wrote the lyrics and featured in Kim Jong-kook's Come Back To Me. Kim Jong Kook is his co-host in Running man. He made another collaboration with Kim Jong Kook, this time with Haha (Ha Dong Hoon) for Words I want to Say to You

Gary helped another Running Man co-host and close friend, Lee Kwang Soo by doing a cameo, with Kim Jong Kook, in Lee's movie, Wonderful Radio

2010 = collaborated with Dynamic Duo for Keep The Change which wont the 2010 Korea Music Award for best Rap & Hip-hop song

Gary was chosen by Coca Cola to rap and write the lyrics for their 2012 Valentine TV Commercials.

1 February 2012 = co-wrote Party Rock with a former Honey Family Member Miryo

7 May 2012 = wrote the rap and co-wrote the lyrics of Baek Ji-Young's Voice which made it to number 1 in all music charts

April 2012 = became one of the image models for Galaxy R advertisements alongside two other Running Man co-hosts, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo

May 2013 =  became the endorser of Doritos. He also produced and wrote the lyrics of the CF soundtrac

July 2013 = Gary collaborated with CLuv and Crush for the song Where Do You Wanna Go.

Gil Seong Joon

2009 = joined Infinity Challenge as a guest and, later on, as a regular co-host. Gil also co-hosted Come To Play.

2010 = appeared in a CF with Song Ji Hyo for myanycar, a car insurance company

2012 =  Gil joined Voice of Korea as one of the coaches. He came back for Season 2 in 2013

January 2013 = Gil produced a song for Hyundai feature 16 artists in Korea. It is a part of Hyundai's worldwide project where Hyundai asked people to submit their stories. Different artists from different parts of the world then took those stories and turned it to a lyrics of the song.

Gil said in an interview that he plans to release his solo album after LeeSsang release their 9th studio album.


  1. How about ...
    Lee Soo Young ft LeeSsang- To be or not to be with each other
    and LeeSsang ft Ali- In The Rain...

    I think you missed LeeSsang's first ever single "Grand Final" LeeSsang ft Jung In and Nal Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk) (28 June 2011). A special single for Roowing Special of Infinity Challenge..

    BOTH Gary n Gil were endorser together for Diablo 3, sony MDR, Brinicle and LG U+
    Some sharing about Gil..maybe you can add some so more fans will know more about GIL ^.^

    1. Deulgukhwa invited Gil to sing "Please" at MUST 121215 .. (it is an honour to sing together with our own idol on the same stage T.T)
    reff: http://www.allreadable.com/vid/%5B-answer-me%2C-wild-chrysanthemum-%5D-deulgukhwa-wild-chrysanthemum-new-album-interview-interview-008-road-side-2267568.html

    2. a little bit more on Gil's participation in variety show...
    He was a co-hosted in Come to Play [MBC] from June 2008 but leave the show on April 2012 to promote Unplugged.

    3. on 5 June 2010, Park Myung Soo released his song FYAH featuring Gil as the rapper and Infinity Challenge's members as the cameo dancer (but Park Myung Soo stated that the song cannot be promoted actively because of MBC strike)

    hope this will help ^.^

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